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This is the official support site for ASP.NET 3.5 For Dummies! You've probably come here because something isn't working out for you. One of the first things to try is to download the sample source code for the chapter where you've got a glitch. (Tip: there's both VB and C# code.) The forums are now in archive/read-only mode.

This is also my personal web site where I show my resume, miscellany about me, pictures of Goldie, and even a waterfront property for sale.

Stuff to Download

Prefer your code in C#? Go get it at the downloads page!

The VB code hasn't gone away. Download it as well and compare the languages. Did you know you can get the code for a single page?

You might find that you learn more by going through each step as described to create the projects. However, if you're jumping in part way through, it's faster just to get the code.

Download page
What's New

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Once Again, I'm a Microsoft MVP! (More...)

I'm Not a C# Guru But Try the Code Anyway? (More...)

Using LINQ to Add a Total to a GridView Footer (More...)

Dynamic Data Talk - Resources (More...)

Some Great Compliments (More...)

Improving Editing Speed in VWD(E) (More...)

Thingy is Now an Official Dummies Book Word (More...)

Code Snippets Manager in VWD 2008 (More...)

A System.Net.Mail.MailMessage Mystery Solved (More...)

 Stuff forum
Just the FAQs

Accuracy is our watchword: we never make misteaks mistakes. Look for errata here.

For a quick answer to your ASP.NET or VWD question, please post it in the ASP.NET Forums.

I'm happy to help resolve problems specific to the book's content. Please look in the archived forums.

Want pictures of Goldie? Her page is here!

FAQ forum
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